Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thank you for your help; now let's rally to help the DeLauneys!

As you can see, we have met-- and way surpassed our goal! It's been a crazy two days trying to respond to all the encouraging and supportive messages we are receiving and to continuously monitor our blog, Facebook, and this page and we are very thankful for the exhaustion we are experiencing because God provided in a huge way through this story and campaign! God is so good!
We are still taking donations and will honor our word about distributing the excess funds to other families who are adopting. 
With that being said, we would like to introduce you to our friends, the DeLauney's, who are adopting two older deaf boys from Alenah's Home, where JiaJia currently lives. While any money given to this campaign will be given to families like theirs, we also want to advocate on their behalf and redirect you to their page. If you are wanting to give directly to a campaign that has yet to reach its goal, please visit their GoFundMe page so Max and Miles can also come home to their forever family. Max and Miles were also seen in the CNN video and are waiting for their family to come get them. They are in need of twice the money we are in the same amount of time, so please click over and support their adoption as so many have done for ours.
(Their most recent fundraising video can be found in this update.)
Click here to view their most recent video

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


About eleven hours ago, our worlds were turned upside-down when CNN told us they were airing a story that would feature our JiaJia!
Right now, this blog has been viewed 3,000 times by people living in ten different countries. The number of "likes" on our Facebook page has almost tripled, adding almost 250 new followers. Three different Kansas City news outlets have contacted us about doing a local edition about JiaJia and our GoFundMe page's explosion. Which leads to the next part! We have received over $1,500 in donations to our private PayPal page. And seven hours ago, we created the GoFundMe page based on strangers asking us to so that they could donate. 

As of right now, we have raised $20,000!

In seven hours, we have raised 2/3 of the amount that has been taunting us at every submission of paperwork, every application, every moment of weakness. In seven hours, mostly strangers have made that looming amount into a number that begs to be met. And we believe it can be with this amount of love and support we've received so far!

UPDATE:We have had more than $4,500 donated in the hour and a half the GoFundMe has been active, more than 800 pageviews on this blog, and almost 100 new likes on our Facebook page! Wow! We are so overwhelmed at how big this has become and how widespread JiaJia's story has become! Thank you so much! 

This morning, CNN aired a video story that was paired with a print story about the abandoned children in China. JiaJia (who now refers to himself as Jason, so we're trying to slowly transition to calling him that hah) was featured, along with our family's story that provided a hopeful and happy ending to his abandonment story.

The story and video can be found here.

Since the story aired at 8 a.m, we have had over 400 blog views, six new Facebook page likes, and innumerable messages, comments, and words of encouragement and support! We had no idea that impact JiaJia's story would have on the world as they watched him on the televisions in their own homes.

Obviously, we were not prepared for the giant increase of love, support, and encouragement we would begin to see!

So, if you are seeing this blog in a redirection from the CNN story, thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to read more about our story, our family, and JiaJia. 

One of the biggest requests we have had was to set up a GoFundMe page so that people could not only donate, but also keep track of our progress in the fundraising process. You asked, we listened. Our GoFundMe page is now active and accepting donations! The link is below.

Thank you all so much for your support thus far and we look forward to continuing this journey with you.