Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thank you for your help; now let's rally to help the DeLauneys!

As you can see, we have met-- and way surpassed our goal! It's been a crazy two days trying to respond to all the encouraging and supportive messages we are receiving and to continuously monitor our blog, Facebook, and this page and we are very thankful for the exhaustion we are experiencing because God provided in a huge way through this story and campaign! God is so good!
We are still taking donations and will honor our word about distributing the excess funds to other families who are adopting. 
With that being said, we would like to introduce you to our friends, the DeLauney's, who are adopting two older deaf boys from Alenah's Home, where JiaJia currently lives. While any money given to this campaign will be given to families like theirs, we also want to advocate on their behalf and redirect you to their page. If you are wanting to give directly to a campaign that has yet to reach its goal, please visit their GoFundMe page so Max and Miles can also come home to their forever family. Max and Miles were also seen in the CNN video and are waiting for their family to come get them. They are in need of twice the money we are in the same amount of time, so please click over and support their adoption as so many have done for ours.
(Their most recent fundraising video can be found in this update.)
Click here to view their most recent video

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  1. So incredibly happy for your family, and soon to be son Jia Jia.